When you are running a restaurant then you are always looking for the next thing that will cause your business to grow. Whilst some ideas come and grow, so have the potential to really help your business. We look at seven of the best ideas to boost your restaurant sales.

Turn Your Existing Customers into Promoters

This one is relatively simple, if you treat your regular customers well, then they will help to promote your business through word of mouth on their own. So, when they come back to your restaurant try to recognise them, remember what they ordered, what reviews they might have given you and who worked with them. This will make them feel valued and appreciated and they will pass this on.


No matter how well you are doing you can always do with doing a little better. Therefore, aim to upsell your customers. This means getting customers to order something a little extra than they normally would. The phrase ‘for only a little extra you could get’ goes a long way.

Increase Table Turnover Rate

This doesn’t mean trying to rush customers through and out of the restaurant, but it means ensuring that service is done quickly and efficiently. Some parties will always want to take their time and stay awhile, but for those that want a quick and efficient service make sure their food is brought quickly and that the bill is paid and the table reset as efficiently as possible.

Social Media Presence

Everyone is on social media these days, and your restaurant should be too. People love to post to social media about the times out, and the meals they eat. If you are on social media, you can interact with these people and help promote your restaurant at the same time.

Provide Offers and Happy Hours

One sure-fire way to bring the people in is to create a special offer for an occasion or event. It is an often-used technique, but the reason it is used so often is that it works. Remember if you want to target a younger crowd then this is where happy hours can come in. Younger people tend to care more about cost than quality so you can encourage them with cheap drinks offers.

Leverage Online Ordering

If you don’t already provide food to be eaten at home, then you are missing out on a massive revenue stream. You might think it is prohibitively expensive to set up a delivery business. This is where companies like Deliveroo can really help. You can sell more with little outlay.

Offer Smaller Plates

People are increasingly looking for different options and don’t always want a full meal. Particularly if there are concerns about health and eating habits. Therefore, you should aim to offer a number of small-plates or mini-meals. This should include items that can be shared between friends or eaten as snacks. All of this will help you to sell more and bring in more customers.