One of the most important things for any business is to make sure that you attract the right customers. This is particularly true for those in the restaurant and bistro business. As having the right customers can be the difference between becoming a success or not.

But which is the best way to approach bistro promotion?

Brand your creations

There are plenty of success stories out there about small restaurants, cafes and bistros. One thing that often can be seen in common about these places is that they decided to build a bit of a brand behind them.

An easy way to do this is to create a brand around the food that you serve. Have some amazing recipes that you are proud of? Why not share them with the world, either in an online blog or within a cookbook.

Rather than meaning that they want to create the dishes at home, plenty of places have found that this draws in their ideal customers, ready and waiting to sample the amazing dishes that they have read about!

Offer gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are often thought of as being something that goes hand in hand with retail. But the truth is that they can be used for any business.

Offering gift vouchers in your bistro is a great way to bring in some great customers. Some may want to even try your food before they buy a voucher, meaning that you get double the amount of sales.

Often people will buy the vouchers as a birthday treat for a loved one, or perhaps to say thank you to someone in their life. Both of which can bring those happy and looking to celebrate right into the heart of your business.

Have a great deal

Everyone loves a deal, and it is a great way to bring customers into your bistro. Whether it is a lunchtime special, a set menu for dinner that is delicious or simply a free drink with every meal ordered. You are sure to see people flock in to see you.

The thing with these deals is that you always impress with the food that you serve, not to mention the service that you provide. Meaning that these new customers will be more than happy to come back to you, even if the deal isn’t on!

Extending your customer base and making sure that you have some more sales under your belt.

Just be great

There is nothing better than offering high quality food and a great service. You can try all the promotion tips in the world, but if the food isn’t great, you won’t see people come back.

Ensure that you have the right staff, the right tools and high quality ingredients and this effort will be paid off with plenty of happy customers!

Don’t forget that the right bistro CRM can also be a huge helping hand in keeping hold of those perfect customers. So, if you are not up to date with some of the very best modern CRM systems, then now is time to get up to date!