In those early days of promoting and building your restaurant business money can be tight. This means that there are some areas that are going to be cut back on. Restaurant marketing is often an area that those start-ups think that the imply cannot afford.

Whilst there are some forms of restaurant marketing strategies that can be costly, there are also plenty that are low cost. But, does that mean they are not as effective? The answer is no.

In fact, here are some examples of great marketing plans for restaurants that you can put in place that won’t cost the Earth.

Local restaurant marketing

Making sure that the community know that you are restaurant to go to is vital. After all, they are likely to make the large chunk of your business. This means that one area you need to invest is local restaurant marketing. This could come in the form of a leaflet drop around the local properties, or perhaps making sure that you have a nice and visible sign outside your restaurant.

You can also ask other local businesses to create a promotional network with you. Sharing advertisements for each other in their premises and hopefully directing some traffic their way.

Restaurant email marketing

Another great form of restaurant marketing is restaurant email marketing. Email marketing means that you send a digital newsletter to your database of contacts promoting either a new dish or deal that you have to offer. These emails do not take too much to put together, and they can be an incredibly low cost option for your restaurant. As well as one that is effective too.

Restaurant social media

Social media is a powerful tool for any business, and restaurants are no different. The best thing about restaurant social media is that it is free to use in its most basic forms. It is only when you want to boost your posts that you will need to pay. Facebook is great to promote any discounts or special offers that you are running. Instagram is more of a visual tool, and you can use this to showcase some of your most popular dishes, and really tempt people into trying them for themselves.

These are just three low cost restaurant marketing strategies that may be worthwhile trying out for your business. So, why not sit down and take the time to write a marketing plan for your restaurant. You may be surprised by some of the ideas that you manage to come up with in order to get your name out there.