Now more than ever consumers are aware of cleanliness and environmental issues and this includes the impact of your business on the general public. This means that customers are constantly looking for companies and businesses that have a focus on their customer care and food hygiene therefore to stay on top of this trend it is important that you increase your restaurant's sustainability which increases sales. Here we give you some easy ways how to stay on top of the current changes.

Donate Excess Food

Food waste is ofcourse one of the biggest sources of waste from a restaurant. Around 40% of food waste produced by a restaurant finds its way to a landfill. This should be cut down wherever possible. This is a great opportunity for restaurant during this period of pandemic and crisis to help by donating excess food or selling their left-over food at a discounted rates to hungry customers. Look for schemes like this that can help your business.

Conserve Water

One of the easiest ways to help the environment is by conserving water. There are many ways that this can be achieved in a restaurant setting. This includes installing low flow taps, and other water-conserving devices. These cost money, however, one of the best water-saving techniques is completely free and that is to simply ensure that taps are shut off whilst tasks are being performed. This might involve re-educating your staff as to the ways that they can change their working practises, in order to reduce water waste in a way that is simple and effective.


There has been a huge push on recycling for years, however, this has mainly been focused on people at home. There is still plenty that businesses can do to recycle. Restaurants produce a huge amount of packaging waste and other waste on a day to day basis. You should ensure that your restaurant recycles all that it can. Get in touch with your waste management company and see if you can set up a specific recycling collection and then make sure that you sort your waste, staff should take care with controlling recyclables or reusable items.

Switch Off Appliances

This is a common practice that several businesses engage in, but restaurants are particularly guilty of doing it. Appliances are left on all the time when they are not being used. This is unnecessary and wasteful. What’s more, is it is costing you money. Reducing your energy costs will not only help the environment but makes for a much better bank balance as well. So, make sure that you instruct your staff to turn things off when not in use. Also, make sure that you turn off the lights when they are not needed either. Simple things like this will save your business.

Clean Your Appliances

This one is ovewrlooked but very important especially in this environment but think about it like this. How many appliances are there in your kitchen? A lot. If they are not regularly cleaned, then they are not going to be as efficient as they were when new and they are the number one was germs spread through the kitchen. Also the dirt build up makes the machine expire quicker meaning they take longer to run and cost you more in energy. Therefore, something as simple as wiping the door seal of your fridge can make it return to peak efficiency. Continuing with high standards of cleanliness is vital, so maintain cleaner kitchens and add more programmes to implement this.